Vote Yes

This thing really matters.

This thing means a change.

This thing makes it better.

This thing isn’t strange.


This thing speaks of freedom.

This thing speaks of right.

This will bring the sunshine.

This brings us from the night.


This thing isn’t danger

This thing isn’t wrong.

This thing is the answer.

This thing that we long.


This thing will not harm you.

This thing we unveil.

This thing is our duty.

This thing will prevail.


This thing is equality.

This thing we believe.

This thing is equality.

This thing we will receive.



Grant Fenton


Voting YES will do one thing and one thing only. It will recognise same-sex couples in Australian law. It will mean that men who love men and women who love women can legalise and legitimise their relationships. Nothing bad will happen. Churches wont close, freedom of speech will not be eroded. Children will not be sold on the black market. Cats and dogs will not fall from the sky.
All that will happen is that LOVE will prevail; at last.
Voting YES means voting for equality and the right to have same-sex relationships recognised by Australian law.



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