Barbara Shop

MARKETING MAN: Hello. Welcome to Smarketing Marketing, can I help you?

Ali: Yes, hello. I am hoping you can help with my business.  I need to come up with a name that perfectly captures the range of services and products we sell from our shop.

MARKETING MAN: Of course. Can you give me an idea of what you sell?

Ali: Yes, I will do that. First of all, we are a Barbara Shop.

MARKETING MAN: Sorry? A barber shop?

Ali: No, Barbara. She is an inflatable lady for the pleasure of our customers. We are a Barbara shop.

MARKETING MAN: Barbara shop? Oooooooooooh K, well I have to say I’ve never heard of that. That seems simple enough though.

Ali: But you were also right the first time. Our other line of services is being a Barber shop.

MARKETING MAN: (Laughing) OK a Barbara shop and a Barber shop. That’s going to be a little confusing, but anyway I’m sure we can help.

Ali: Please sir. There is more.


Ali: Yes, we are also selling an article of clothing for men with the large breasts. We call it the Bra Bro.


Ali: Bra Bro. That is right.

MARKETING MAN: Right. Mmm hmmmm. Let me summarise then. You are a Barbara shop, a Barber shop and Bra Bro shop.

Ali: Correct

MARKETING MAN: Thats a strange mix isn’t it?

Ali: Not really. There are many shops like mine in my region of India. Very popular.

MARKETING MAN: OK then, well then…..

Ali: Please sir. There is more.


Ali: Yes. Sir. We also sell a fluffy pair of woolen shoes known as….


Ali: Baa Baas. So we too are a Baa Baaa shop.

MARKETING MAN: Right! You’re a Baa Baa shop, a Bro  Bra shop, a Barber shop and a Barbara shop.

Ali: Yes.

MARKETING MAN: Is there more?

Ali: I hardly know where to begin.


Ali: We are also into physical exercise


Ali: We sell Barbells.


Ali: To keep fit yes. And also after the fitness we also sell cakes.

MARKETING MAN: Cakes? What kind of cakes

Ali: One kind. Barclabar

MARKETING MAN: Don’t you mean Baklava?

Ali: No. Barcla bar. It is very popular in my region. Many shops sell Barclabar.

MARKETING MAN: What’s it like?

Ali: Delicious. It has pastry, nuts, cinamon and a lovely syrup all over it.

MARKETING MAN: That sounds a lot like Baklava

Ali: Yes I know, but it is completely different. It is an Indian cake. Very popular…

MARKETING MAN: Alright!. Lets go over this again. You want help….

Ali: Yes

MARKETING MAN: To think of a name….

Ali: Yes

MARKETING MAN: For your shop

Ali: Yes

MARKETING MAN: Which is a Barber shop

Ali: Cutting the hair

MARKETING MAN: A Barbara shop

Ali: Inflatable Barbara…yes, yes, yes.


Ali: For the men with the boobies, yes.


Ali: To warm the feet, yes.

MARKETING MAN: A Barbell shop

Ali: Lifting of the weights.

MARKETING MAN: And a Baklava

Ali: Baklarbar….BARYes, the tasty cake. From India.

MARKETING MAN: (Massive sigh) Is it possible, there’s anything else?

Ali: Yes.

MARKETING MAN: (Throwing his hands in the air) Of course! What else could there possibly be!

Ali: We are thinking of opening a beer bar.

MARKETING MAN: RIGHT! Your shop is Barber shop, a Barbara shop, a Bro Bra shop, a Baa Baa shop, a Barbell shop, a………Barc…..Barclabar shop…..and (sighs) a Beer BAR.

Ali: (NoddingYes!

MARKETING MAN: (Shaking his head) OK. Fair enough. Can you fill this form out and I’ll see what we can do. Firstly, what is your name?

Ali: Ali. Ali BarBar.




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