Follow freedom’s trail

Where will you draw the line my friend?

Will you ban the Burka? Don’t you think you will fail?

Would you stepped up and stopped Jacki O

From wearing her mourning veil?

Will you ban the Hijab or the Niqab?

Or will common sense prevail?

Or will the veiled betrothed before the priest

Have her wedding breakfast in jail?

Are you frightened so much of difference

That you’d make our freedom so frail?

Would the Holy Mother been bare headed

While Jesus received the nail?

Will you make us vote for a woman’s choice

In a survey in the mail?

Will the Nun in her Christian habit

Bare her head t’ward the Holy Grail?

Will you make choice for women

Be something put to sale?

Or will you ensure freedom and rights

Grow strong and hearty and hale?

Will you ensure that all women

Have the measure of justice and scale?

And let us not not deny diversity

And let us follow freedom’s trail.





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