The meta poem

I once wrote a poem called “I rode a shopping trolley”

And you might think it madness, or at least a mere folly,

But I did it and I’d do it again, while I’m not proud

I wrote it on a napkin, and read it out quite aloud.

Long ago it came to me, and I in South Australia

I’d ne’er set foot to stage, so knew of no former failure.

So up I rose with my napkin and beer firmly in hand

In stood my most poetic pose, my most dramatic stand

“I rode a shopping trolley” and the audience amused

“To home from down the street” no audience member refused.

The poem went on to the end to a wall of applause

As though all in the room and I were joined on a great cause

And the host gladly announced “mate, that’s the best that’s been done

And followed with “And so far tonight, it’s the only one.

For my trouble I won myself a night filled up with drink

Followed by a difficult morning, my head in the sink.

And now, after all this time, and still I know it by heart

My poem about riding home, in a wild shopping cart.



Copyright © 2017 Grant Fenton – All Rights Reserved

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