I read in the news that a woman in Italy

Had had enough of no Mister Right

And so she decided that she would enlist

Herself for her own wedding night.

She proposed to herself at a dinner for one

To herself she went down on her knee

And she said to herself with heartfelt love

“Oh I, will you marry me”

She said yes to herself and started the plans

For a ceremony for the happy single

And she would invite all of her friends

And hope that they would mingle.

She married herself on a bright happy day

Pleased not to be left on the shelf,

And happy that she had found love at last

And had promptly married herself.




The sad news is that a few days later she was unfaithful to herself and then split up with herself. After a bitter divorce she had to give everything she owned to herself.

She did hope for a time that she might be able to get back together with herself again, but after irreconcilable differences with herself, she said that she’s never talking to herself again.




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