Thinking of me

Did you wake today from your troubled sleep

Too sickly tired to stir, too soon to rise,

So lay you restless in the bed a while

Beneath warming covers and aging skies?

Did your waking mind again trouble you

To reluctantly take on to the day

And force you to confront your present thoughts

So that your thinking was in disarray?

How the day is wasted so with past thoughts,

Spending all our todays on yesterdays,

Distracted from our very here-and-nows

And regret ill remembered far-aways.

How hollow and empty my breath’s exhale

As I mix breathing with remembering

How painful my sitting in emptiness

As my regret starts it’s dismembering.

Did your guilty day seem slower and long

And did the songs and visions and the smell

All take you back to thoughts of yesterday

And to those memories you cannot tell?

Did your evening drift into late midnight?

Did your restless sleep start and stop again?

Did you then sit on the side of your bed?

Your wounded eyes well up in tearful pain?

Oh longing so adds pain to the waiting

And waiting so adds pain to the longing

And neither they add well to your living

And emptiness adds shame to belonging.

So the lovers long gone and lovers past

Can never resurrect a love that’s lost

No more than one could easily retrieve

A cup of sand, into the river tossed.














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