Is it not strange?

Is it not strange that we who are depressed

Always believe that we are the only one?

As though no other on earth can have guessed

What we have had said and what we have done.

There I sit, myself in a great vast hall,

I always speak of being alone?

I’m down on my hands and knees to crawl,

Bowing to grief perched high on her throne.

There she sits, holding court with me

In my patron-less museum of sad grief and self pity

Like a deep, full and open sea.

If regret could build a single house, mine might build a city.

What would happen if we put all those depressed souls

Complete in their aloneness, seated in a room together

Would despair be sealed and buried in holes?

Then each of us could be alone together forever.



Copyright © 2017 Grant Fenton – All Rights Reserved



9 thoughts on “Is it not strange?

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    1. Thanks. It struck me in hearing people with depression say they felt alone. They all feel that way, as have I. It suddenly dawned on me that we shared a union of aloneness. Bizarre. thanks for your feedback.

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  1. It’s a bizarre thought. I was at a poetry workshop the other night and I heard three separate people say “alone” or “loneliness” associated with depression. As someone who has managed a life with depression, I found I immediately connected with those thoughts. I couldn’t – still can’t – get over the ironic idea that we are united – albeit unknowingly –
    by a sense of isolation, like we’re all on rafts drifting through life, unaware that everyone else is feeling exactly the same way. It was a light bulb moment for me.


  2. I think most of us share these feelings of loneliness, especially writers. Or perhaps it’s just the writers who openly share the torment of their lonely lives for all the world to see. Regardless, it’s a sad state we reside in, and as my daughter tells me, the only real cure for loneliness is to find something to laugh about. I think she’s quite right. 😉 Anyway, I’ve been reading through your beautifully written poems today and I’m finding it very hard to stop. I feel like I could just spend the whole day here. So, thank you, for finding both of my blogs today and following them. I’m especially excited to read the poems that you’ve written in response to my writing prompts, but have yet to even read those! I’ve been too caught up in all the rest! Lol… It’s always fun to find a poet who we can very much relate to, and your poems are filled with an abundance of inspiring thoughts. I look forward to reading more, but really should quit for now. My children have no idea where I am at the moment, as I’ve locked myself in my office, all in order to have a look at your page. Lol… 😋


    1. Wow, thanks so much. you make me feel brilliant. One of the great elements of blogging is the wonderfully positive comments I get back. I’ve sat on my poetry for way too long. This process has unlocked something that’s been hidden and forgotten for a long, long time. Finally I feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment by doing this.
      I’ve really enjoyed getting across your page as well and i just love that you encourage others.

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      1. Well, I meant every word… so keep going! 😉 I’m really glad you aren’t hiding any longer. The world needs your great words!


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