Someone stops by my woods

Who stands there in my woods

While far I am from the village glow

I see him there, stopping here

To watch my woods fill up with snow.

His little horse stirs and moves his feet

As if to seek a farmhouse stable near

Or frightened of the frozen lake

And this darkest time of year.

Hark, I hear the shaking harness bells

His collar rings in the silent night

And I see the solace of the boy

In the soft snows chilling bite.

These dark woods of mine have beauty

Twixt the frozen lake, neath falling snow

But look the boy and pony move along

Then halt and look again before they go

They look, but soon they move and go

Through darkened woods in falling snow

For they’ve long miles to go

For they’ve long miles to go.

Copyright © 2017 Grant Fenton – All Rights Reserved


Inspired by a poem by Robert Frost
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

8 thoughts on “Someone stops by my woods

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    1. Thanks very much. It was a lot of fun to write. It is of course Frost’s imagery that makes it work I think.
      It took some discipline and focus to try and make it connect to Frost’s poem. You should try it. Find a poem and write your perspective as though you’re a voyeur to the moment that’s being described in the original. Lots of fun.

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      1. Good luck. Just to help you on your way, I cut and paste the original poem and then try and line up the syllables and event the type of words directly opposite. That way I stay as true to the rhythm of the original poem. Pick a short one to start as it can be challenging to stay true to the idea.
        Good luck.

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  1. I read the poem a few times, and each time it gave me a different feel, I felt the cold of the snow, the darkness of the forest, but there was also a nice feeling of gentle calmness within the crisp environment, and the line ‘Through darkened woods in falling snow” grabbed me, and for some strange reason, I’m repeating the line in my mind, hmmmm, strange, because I’m not good at remembering lines or words……..


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