The drop of a hat

I, like the river’s source,

From lazy streams and springs

I, like the mercenary knight

Without loyalty to kings

I, like the wind swept gull

Eager for any rock

I, like storm ravaged ship

Shelter at any dock.

I would fall in love at the drop of a hat

And offer an invite to call,

And while she bent to pick it up,

I’d see another hat fall.

Passion, like the suns shine burns

And I find in every fire,

To hold my gaze from beauty

Like tying water up with wire.



Copyright © 2017 Grant Fenton – All Rights Reserved


6 thoughts on “The drop of a hat

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  1. Sir, I’ve read your poem, and i really associate with the line, “I would fall in love at the drop of a hat”, I’m like that !!, Oh and don’t forget to see my new post, ….. whoops…. sorry for my sarcasm…. sometimes they bother me….. but I shouldn’t be so, maybe tonight’s a bad night…..


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