The man who had nothing

When I was young I yearned for fortune – I still do – 

That yearning as a young man burnt with greater fire.

If I said that I yearn only for abundance

Then, I would be a liar.

I chanced in an enterprise that failed –  from the start – 

Truth be known, failing started well before the start, –

Not long did it take for me to fail further, then

I’d commence a broken heart.


Once, when in a pub, I saw a man – a poor man –

With a small glass of beer, sitting, making it last.

I, opposite him, with what little money mine,

Stood still and I drank mine fast.

He looked like he had nothing – but didn’t look empty – 

While I sat with my sad self and to myself thought

How nice not to worry or fear how I would pay

For that which needs to be bought.


I had debtors in every corner – front and back

Standing in front, out back and constantly on call

Tomorrow I’d lock doors and be free and with joy

I would have nothing at all.


Copyright © 2017 Grant Fenton – All Rights Reserved


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