The first kiss

The first kiss begins.

My hand on her cheek – barely touching – her head backwards tilts

My hand can move gently through her hair now

Like a soft breeze sweeps the wild hillside grass.


Her face so beautiful like the last glimpse of sunset

Across the summer water.

Her mouth like the soft darkness of dusk

And my mouth the stars, slowly, touching

More, then one more then another and then all.


We’re as close as humid day,

My breathing on her neck and my hand on her face

And for that brief moment, time takes forever,

The world is only as big as us,

My passion flows as the monsoon rains.

The first kiss had begun, well before it began.

image source

Photo by Maggie West


Copyright ยฉ 2017 Grant Fenton โ€“ All Rights Reserved






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      1. i get such a buzz from getting feedback on my writing. I can sit on Facebook and get LIKES and comments all day and it really means nothing, but a comment on my writing like yours makes me feel fantastic. Thank you.
        I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs also.

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