Hindi Poem – My love in Lakhnau

मैं लखनऊ में आपके लिए खोजता हूं

आपकी सुंदरता ने मुझे मंत्रमुग्ध किया

छोटा इमामबाड़ा के प्रवेश द्वार की तरह

तुम्हारी श्वास मुझमें चलती है

चिकनकारी डिजाइन की तरह

आपका चुंबन दशेरी की तरह है

और मैं और अधिक के लिए तरस रहा हूँ।


I search for you in Lakhnau

Your beauty fascinated me

Like the entrance of the small imambala

Your breathing moves in me

Like an embroidery design

Your kiss is like a dasheri

And I’m craving for more.

12 thoughts on “Hindi Poem – My love in Lakhnau

Add yours

    1. No. I’m not Indian. But I’m a bit dazzled by India. I love the script of Hindi and the images India conjures up, the sound of the language and…….you guessed it,……………the beauty of Indian women.
      I researched a few places as part of my drive for inspiration.


      1. Oh wow! That’s really great to hear.
        You must come to our country for sure.
        You will be fascinated by our rich heriage and delicious dishes.
        And I am from Lucknow itself.


    1. For some reason, my Blog, which I started in August of this year has more followers and views from India than any other place in the world. So too, i have followed many Indian poets and decided to research some places and some Indian tradition to help me construct some Hindi poems (I use Google Translator).
      I am so glad it has touched you.


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