Pink persuasion

Your mouth is open like an early spring flower

And there it waits for me, poised like a lure.

You are biting on your lip, my eyes are transfixed,

My thoughts here now are anything but pure.

If I kiss you, it will be like I’m in quicksand

I will have no escape and no release,

Yet I will be in the throes of blissful freedom

I’ll feel a sense of soothing, aching peace.

Like windblown flowers, our tongues touch then separate

Then on each other ravenously feed

Like anxious and yearning lustful, starving creatures

With a hot bleeding agonising need.

Long before, you will have had me where you want me,

I will surrender to your invasion,

I will offer up no discord or dissension

To your sultry soft mouth’s pink persuasion.







20 thoughts on “Pink persuasion

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      1. I think, for me especially, that I can’t think of anything without thinking about love and desire. Sometimes to my demise. I can turn a cup of coffee into a comment about desire and passion. I like that I can do it, but sometimes it might be good just to see the cup of coffee 🙂

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      2. Lol… I can see that. It’s often a problem for many of us, but it’s humor nature and not easily abandoned. People often have anonymous blogs, when they find that they are hindered by not being able to fully express themselves. I used to and it was quite freeing.

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      3. I decided that for once in my life I’m not going to care who reads my work. I’m just going to write it without offering it up directly to people I know. If they find it and like it, so be it. However I don’t post to Facebook, only to Twitter which is not something my crew look at so again; safe place. It’s cathartic to not be too stressed about reaching an audience, especially when I write something and I get great comments from people who really appreciate my work. Your one comment is worth a thousand views from people I know.

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      4. Aww… Grant, that’s very sweet of you to say. I don’t post to my personal Facebook page either. I have a separate Facebook page for sharing my blog posts. And I do the same as you with Twitter, which is rarely used by people I know. My daughter’s are all writer’s just like me and have their own blogs. So they know how to find me. So I try to keep most things PG-13 or at least warn them when I’m posting something that I don’t want them to read. Lol…

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      5. That’s very cool. I have to admit, that although my daughter is only 4 I aim to write things that I hope one day she is able to read and say with pride “My Dad wrote that”. So, I aim to write something that isn’t overly offensive (not a big fan of the erotic poetry blogs I sometimes stumble across) and I’m keen to limit the use of really explicit language – only because I think there’s a better and deeper way. It’s just too easy for people to write ‘F—-‘ this or ‘F——‘ that. So I don’t.

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      6. There is definitely a way to say things in a meaningful and profound way, without revealing too much or saying anything inappropriate. Your “Red Velvet” was just the right mix.

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