The mango grows in a myriad of colours,

Ripening on the tree until it’s time to pick,

Hanging heavy on the high branch, with a rich sap

Syrup like, dark, rich and thick.

The teacher at my daughter’s school is striking dark, 

She is a soulful colour, a thick darkened brown,

Her rich accent sounds like warm melting chocolate

Bought from the high end of town.

Cut and carried, the mango sits round, green and blush,

Washed, rinsed and warm and waiting with a flavour bold,

And when the ever warm turning colour is right,

Then its quickly bought and sold.

The teacher is not like an odd piece of clothing

That we have to match, like a shirt and pair of pants

She is not a slow, slow song chosen to be played

For a fast and moving dance.

Brought home the mango sits gently placed in the bowl,

Sits among other fruit of yellow, red and green.

Like it should never be seen.

The teacher is not like a piece of furniture,

A chair, or a sofa that doesn’t match the decor

Or a square woven rug that just seems somehow wrong

On that clean polished floor.

Do we question the tint of fruit in the fruit bowl?

And we do not laugh at the colour of the sky.

So why then does the beautiful dark brown teacher,

Sit for the mirror and cry.




7 thoughts on “Coloured

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  1. A couple of years ago I came across Byron Kim who is working on a similar project, Synecdoche. An enormous series of canvases, skin colors. Each time they are displayed their order is different. A varying group portrait. It’s quite wonderful.

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      1. I so agree. My 3 year old came home from creche once and said “I don’t like brown people” . I was devastated, until I discovered that a little boy had pushed her over….and he was of course had dark coloured skin. I told her that we were from a part of Australia where Daddy had lots of Aboriginal friends and that they were good people. Slowly she came to terms with it, but it is something I work so carefully to manage. I want my daughter to LOVE all people as I do.

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      2. Oh how a single moment can leave its imprint on us. She is a blessed little girl to have your wisdom to guide her through the ups and downs of life. I’m sure she will grow up to be just like you, love and all. 😊


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