Deliberately sad

Ever had one of those days when you think you do not fit?

You’ve got the anti-Midas touch. You touch it, it turns to shit.

You wake up feeling immediately bad

And you make the choice to be deliberately sad.

As though, when you are flat you’re in some kind of bliss

If you tried to shoot yourself in the head, you would miss.

The act of fucking up gets some how fucked up

And that which runneth over isn’t your cup.

From time to time that description is mine

Thank God today for beer and red wine.

7 thoughts on “Deliberately sad

Add yours

    1. Thanks. It was and it is. Yes, the writing is my saviour as I get to unload all the shame and passion of the past. Having a better day today. Might celebrate with red wine and beer. They’re good like that. Bad days, good days, they don’t care. 🙂

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      1. Happy to hear it. Writing does have a way of sorting things through. This morning my own came round strong but probably too much for wp. Indeed they don’t care, enjoy both! 🙂

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