When the pain of sleep aches and urges you to wake

The cold of early holds you in the blanket fold

You must so boldly breathe and force your breath to take

To throw back the covers and out before to old


‘The day, the day’ called, ‘the day is nearly done’

Cool, cold, crisp frost and the fire’s cold smoke in the air

But still is the day and warming will be the sun

Then socks on both chilled feet and seated in the chair.


When time is on and yesterday is gone and done

The cold of early holds you in the fire warmed home

You breathe and breakaway before it is begun

Throw back the door and boldly out to conquer Rome


When rushing turns to running and then to waiting

And crowds stand still and bustle and then stand again

Train’s doors open and we sit in quiet hating

Locked on the same journey, all holding to the chain


When the bright sun lifts and shifts through the warming day

The chameleon sky travels west to amen

Has the day gone all unnoticed along your way?

Then fill the night with query and questions of when.


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