The Dutch Uncle: Excerpt #4

The following text is an excerpt from my National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo) effort. Excerpts appear in no particular order.

The Dutch Uncle tells the story of Crijn, his sister Mariëlle, her former landlord Jasper and his daughter Harriet (Harry). It is the story of lost loves, forgotten chances and the problems people create for themselves and others.

“We were lovers for a short time, but then she discovered I was married. Well, I admitted it to be honest. The marriage had been over a long time, but…..well you know. I went home and after a time I decided to try and make things work. They didn’t and so we just kept our distance. My wife died last year but Marielle wouldn’t take me back….at least not until she felt I’d had some ‘good thinking time’. Frank made the sign of inverted commas above his head. ‘I really loved her. I met the wrong woman at the wrong time and then I ran out of time.”

Crijn recognised the comment “good thinking time”.

Crijn laughed and put his hand affectionately across the bar and onto Frank’s forearm.

“When I was a boy, a teenager…that is what she would say to me when I was being impatient and wanted something that was probably bad for me.”

“Would she ever let you have what you wanted?” asked Frank.

“All the time” said Crijn.

19 thoughts on “The Dutch Uncle: Excerpt #4

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      1. I am. I’ve completed my poetry for the day and now I’m into the thick of it. I’m chasing 2000 words today to get my average up. However its been Melbourne Cup week and that, along with today’s beautiful weather is quite distracting. Luckily, I’m not working at the moment so time is something I can find.

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      2. All that does sound distracting. When will the cup run? Cold and drizzling here making for a different kind of distraction. Today I’ve been thinking how much I pause and stare when I write. Probably looks like I’m doing nothing 🙃. Enjoy a bit of the weather. And then best wishes for your word count. Are you feeling good about where your story is going?

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      3. IT was Tuesday. Always the first Tuesday of November, but its followed by two other big days here in Melb, or which I am attending neither. Count is ticking along OK. Story is good I think, but I’m nearly done telling it and I need to find 40,000 words.

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      4. Oaks Day or, “Ladies Day” was today and Saturday is “Stakes Day” or “Steaks Day” as I like to call it. Yes, the missing words will work their own way out. I just need to keep restarting my work. I’ll shoot you an email and tell you my approach. you might like to try it.

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