I get it. I get it.

I get it. I get it.

All that spending. Spending leaving me centless. Senseless spending.

And always offending and the always has me depending

On being better, always bending, living better, life is mending.

I get it. I get it.

All that pointless sin. That lustful desire to win,

Dreams are in a spin, wishing I could start at the place I begin

For all I know for certain is I’m trying to fit in.

I get it. I get it.

All that meandering lost, too many lines been crossed

And in the last analysis and spreadsheets and the final cost

For all the spending and depending and planting in the frost.

I get it. I get it.

All the days go by and then by and by and we’re left with grey sky.

All that dark night, another book another flight, another try.

There’s me out the window, sitting on the wing, too tired to fly.

I get it. I get it.

The Sugar Diet won, the Darwin and Dublin Pub Crawl done.

Life is nearly over and then life has really begun.

And I keep hearing the cheering, mind clearing and then I follow the sun.


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