The Mindil Lovers

There they walked and talked with the tide of people flowing

And in the late evening heat, the heart with it’s beat, sand on their feet

They watched over the water the evening growing.


With hers in his hand, on Larrakia sand the evening set in its course

And with him in her eyes, the prize that she buys, the joy she cries

They watched the sun’s retrorse.

Grant Fenton August 2017

I stood and watched them, wanting to capture one more west horizon meet the night,
If I missed this one I’d not regret, nor pause to fret, for I would bet.
That more people photograph the sunset than watch it and I’d be right.


I acknowledge that this image is taken on Larrakia Land. I pay my respects to the elders both past and present.
“You have come by way of the Larrakia Land. You will hear the voice of Larrakia ancestors. When you leave, the Larrakia message will stay with you.”
– The late Reverend Walter Fejo
Photo source: Grant Fenton iPhone: Mindil Beach Darwin


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