The House

Thought that I would fail to find
A house from where I’d strayed,
Then searching on a late night hunch
I wandered out and prayed.
I set out to search the world in time
And once entrenched in the trail,
Realised the search I’d entered in
Had been with windless sail.
I did realise though, in time enough,
On a solitary day
To swim for land and take the beach
Where laid stones would point the way.
And climbing up a gregarious hill
In the distance lay the light.
And there I arrived upon the house
With good temper in full flight.
Where thought that I would dwell alone
The rooms were filled and teaming
With others, who did swim for land
And sleep and wake and dreaming
Of the house from where they’d strayed.
A house they’d thought they’d fail to find
And room to stay they had all found
And thinking, thinking of the same mind.

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