A dear friend of mine from the Netherlands, Frits Klaver is a wonderful artist. His personal tour through the Rijksmuseum  was a most enlightening event. His take on art is wonderful. Simple, but he truly gets it. “There’s no such thing as good or bad art. You either like it or you do not”. Thanks Frits. I dedicate my creativity to you.


Showtime: Poppy 2017


2017-03-13 21.19.25

Use Up the Colours. Acrylic on canvas – 2016.



Sky City Carpet: Photoshop edit – 2015



 Smudging all the colours: Photo shopped acrylic on canvas – 2015



Hiroshima Girl: Photo shopped acrylic on canvas – 2015



Sky City Carpet 2: Photoshop edit – 2015



2017-03-13 21.04.18

Self Portrait: Photoshop edit – 2015



The Mindil Lovers: Photo-shop 2015



Mindil Lovers (2)

The Mindil Lovers: iPhone pic – 2015




Firelight: Acrylic on canvas- 2015




Nightflowers: Acrylic on canvas- 2015



Beach baby Q Series 2

Beach Baby: Photo-shop 2015



The Mindil Lovers Trio: Photo-shop 2015




The Best Friends: Photo-shop 2015



Omaha Beach: Photo 2003: Photo-shop 2015



Normandy Footprint Q Series.jpg

Omaha Beach Footprint: Photo 2003: Photo-shop 2015



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