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Everyone with an iPhone is photographer now……….or at least they think they are.


“Poppy and Dadda” Image: Ghiran Byrne iPhone 2013. Cropped and darkened.


Mindil Lovers (2)

“The Mindil Lovers” Image: Grant Fenton iPhone 2015



“Poppy and Lola-Pie” Image: Ghiran Byrne 2017. Cropped and darkened.


“Poppy and Dadda Dad” Image: Ghiran Byrne 2017. Cropped and darkened.


South of the Border

“Farewell NT” Image: Ghiran Byrne 2017


Foot at Normandy

“Omaha Beach” 2003.


Poppy Jumping

“Poppy on Wedding Day” Image: William Carroll.



“Home from school”. iPhone, cropped and darkened.



“Hiroshima Girl”.


Poppy in the Garden

“Poppy in the garden”: Ghiran Byrne 2016

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