When shall we rise

I stood in the darkened shadows of the monument Where features were carved in lifeless stone The seated giant looked at me through the marble And as if carrying the weight alone He called out to me in a whisper "I hear the calls of the poor and the sorry I hear their shallow cries... Continue Reading →


Nights are long and the days seem darker Darker than the nights nights I've spent, Spent my money on a Preston whore Who turned out to be way bent. Bent my finger on the refrigerator door Trying to find the last cold can Can I tell you how a thirsty boy Was turned into a... Continue Reading →

Memory Free

Summer smells like sweaty skin and dust and water in the lake And tastes like a yearning that's nearly way too much to take It seems like long ago But memories just wont go But wishing that I could be Just memory free Summer nights just aren't the nights to get to know yourself When... Continue Reading →

Lucy Blue – the loneliness song

The train is leaving town now Just as day begins, I've been playing in a long-game A long-game no one wins. I'm sitting facing backwards Staring at the day And now it's raining on the window Trying to wash my sins away. Keep this train rolling Keep it rolling straight and true In the reflection... Continue Reading →

Sexy Writer – song

Girls who live in hammocks wearing jeans Smelling flowers and the mornings growing lighter She's bathing and the sunlight falls in streams And it turns out she's such a sexy writer Leaving home each days she says she's heading for the post But every night she gets back home, she's given up the ghost And... Continue Reading →

Raining Tuesday

It's a rainy night Tuesday The wind's blown away with the sun The dark clouds are standing o'er me like a man with a gun I hear the far distant train line All I can do is sit tight Or else I'll break out in the noise and dark of night But you hold your... Continue Reading →

The sinking stone (song)

If you were the river Then I’d be the land If you were the ocean Then I’d be the sand You're diamond blue water From river and sea Cleanse this poor soul And wash over me If I held the heart light You’d be at its core If I were a two Then you’d be... Continue Reading →


So empty is the page So listless is the soul So morbid is the age So deepened is the hole So dull I see the light So cold now is the night So life is void of bliss So now it's come to this.

Sunday afternoon

I wake up early Monday morning Check the news and make some tea The week is starting with some yawning Now, everything is up to me The daughters up and she moves slow She still somewhere in sleepy land I sit with her and watch the time go She plays with fingers on my hand... Continue Reading →

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