Grant Fenton is a Melbourne based writer.
Born in Kerang in Victoria, he was a wheat farmer’s son.
Living and working across Victoria and the Northern Territory, Grant worked in the events and music industry, training and leadership and the NFP sector.
Outside of the cash earning part of his world, in addition to writing he plays piano and tries to sing  slow covers and, with some shyness, performs some of his own work.
Grant is an accomplished Master of Ceremonies and one time very bad Stand Up Comedian.
He tries to be an artist with some painting, photo work and other dabbles. Some of the work in this blog is his. Most of the good stuff isn’t.
He writes with some humour and sometimes some sadness, but mostly he writes and performs to unlock joy and thoughtfulness…………….. “and for money”
Grant is married to Ghiran and is Dad to Poppy aged 4.


CONTACT: grant@level7consult.com


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