Gorter Road

The quiet road lay out before me, and all around The moonlit land drank the darkness like a thirsty child. The ancient trees reached up from the blackening ground And the quiet road lay silent, seeking mercy and mild. Off in the distance, the sun glowed hot and then On the horizon, it's yellow light... Continue Reading →

Verzen’s Daughter

You are open, white, willing, The waiting, flashing, light-emitting Quiet, your hands move sweetly and soft And your hips move so befitting.   Your neck and shoulders like the overflowing cup And I would drink with full intemperance While feeding on your eyes of fire filled hazel My soul locked, hypnotised in the hemp trance... Continue Reading →


Flinders sees me come and go, sees me sail my way to the home Of Messrs Young and Jackson, sees me pass by as I go, Sees the passing tide of humanity, a hulk of burdened souls, Sees them move toward the corner and pass the Yarra's flow. Sees them circumnavigate the city without sextant... Continue Reading →

The Mindil Lovers

There they walked and talked with the tide of people flowing And in the late evening heat, the heart with it's beat, sand on their feet They watched over the water the evening growing.   With hers in his hand, on Larrakia sand the evening set in its course And with him in her eyes,... Continue Reading →

The holder of the horse

Washington Gas Light Company lights the night, but not your course, Behind the verandas and the board-walks where you stand and hold the horse. Your night sits in the after-glow, a half-light of the night and 511 10th Street, The tail shakes, the ears twitch and she shifts in her weight on her feet. You... Continue Reading →

Iridescent truths

The secret life and the unhappy wife, Long lost days and forbidden nights, The times away, the missing days, The endless emotion of flight. Truth that's missing, the wrongful kissing, Truth iridescent, you and I obsolescent, We promised to live, but love did not give, Leaving my shame so reminiscent.       The glowing... Continue Reading →

Orion’s Belt

I imagined you again. You come to me in my dreams, And I might as well try and reach up and pluck the stars, To hang on my library wall, as try and close you from my mind. I imagined you again. You visited me in my thoughts, Where I urged you to leave me... Continue Reading →

Insignificant artifacts

I searched the nooks and crannies, the shelves long jam packed, I searched the back room cupboards, 'tween the books all neatly stacked I searched the small, dark and dusty corners, carefully hidden, I fell in among the lightless rooms and searched in places forbidden, I climbed into crevices and chasms filled overly with temptation,... Continue Reading →

Mailman’s wasteland

On old country roads His truck carries loads He sets his eyes on his horizon The dust he kicks up His thermos and cup The sun on his back it's arisin' Don't think Don't pause to drink Your sitting in mailman's wasteland O'Rielly leaves at dawn His daily map is drawn Fire in his eyes... Continue Reading →

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