Iridescent truths

The secret life and the unhappy wife, Long lost days and forbidden nights, The times away, the missing days, The endless emotion of flight. Truth that's missing, the wrongful kissing, Truth iridescent, you and I obsolescent, We promised to live, but love did not give, Leaving my shame so reminiscent.       The glowing... Continue Reading →

Orion’s Belt

I imagined you again. You come to me in my dreams, And I might as well try and reach up and pluck the stars, To hang on my library wall, as try and close you from my mind. I imagined you again. You visited me in my thoughts, Where I urged you to leave me... Continue Reading →

Insignificant artifacts

I searched the nooks and crannies, the shelves long jam packed, I searched the back room cupboards, 'tween the books all neatly stacked I searched the small, dark and dusty corners, carefully hidden, I fell in among the lightless rooms and searched in places forbidden, I climbed into crevices and chasms filled overly with temptation,... Continue Reading →

Mailman’s wasteland

On old country roads His truck carries loads He sets his eyes on his horizon The dust he kicks up His thermos and cup The sun on his back it's arisin' Don't think Don't pause to drink Your sitting in mailman's wasteland O'Rielly leaves at dawn His daily map is drawn Fire in his eyes... Continue Reading →

I get it. I get it.

I get it. I get it. All that spending. Spending leaving me centless. Senseless spending. And always offending and the always has me depending On being better, always bending, living better, life is mending. I get it. I get it. All that pointless sin. That lustful desire to win, Dreams are in a spin, wishing... Continue Reading →

Reading Shakespeare

I'm trying to read Shakespeare and I'm getting Barista Brothers For the sake of God, then I'm getting others To sell or push their wares on me when I am reading Hamlet Instead I'm handed wisdom in the form of electronic pamphlet. This "Web of our life is a mingled yarn, good and ill together"... Continue Reading →


A song: Yes Today (to the tune of Yesterday- Lennon and McCartney) YES TODAY Love is such a better place today Finally the YES has had its say Oh, YES TODAY is here to stay. Suddenly, men will be the men they want to be And girls will marry girls and feel quite free Oh... Continue Reading →

Teardrops and teacups

I watched your sunlit days through walnut leaves, The smell of roses reached to welcome 'cross the path, Where our footfalls on the shaded concrete lane, Chasing sparrows from the garden bath. Past the little kitchen window, there we played, Where visitors came to and through the door, O'er giant steps, onto aging rugs and... Continue Reading →


  The city of Bamboozle is a lost ancient wonder, Which was lost in a tragic, engineering blunder, By an Engineer who had failed badly at school, Making the City Father's all look like the fool. He took all the money and quickly left town, Then the buildings and walls, all began to fall down,... Continue Reading →

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