The meaning of words

I pondered on the meaning of words

Is doesn’t twelve times no?

I searched for a synonym of thesaurus.

I searched the thesaurus for synonym.

Then I searched my pantry for cinnamon.

But all I found in the pantry was pants. 

I found the word dictionary in a dictionary.

I went to the library to find a book about libraries.

Is a fire distinguisher used to tell the difference between fires?

Is a pair of trousers two things?

My finger can’t take from the bell, its rings.

I met someone named Simon who was being frank, 

But Frank doesn’t sit and say, “Let me be Simon with you”

I went to the fair in the dark. I put my car in a park.

But it was hardly a park. I could barely get my car into it.

Is glittering the act of throwing glitter on the ground?

Sometimes I close my eyes because it helps me see.

My uncle had a bad knee.

No one knows what it did to make him mad

But still he insisted it was bad.





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