Sunset Fishing Lady

Sunset Fishing Lady perched upon a pontoon and

Looks toward the burning sky as the very last

Breath of daytime whippers into the face of the cool night.

She looks above the water, flat like, glass like, where

Insects lift and leave tiny shock waves which grow and

Reach across the water to spread to where some fish may bite.

The line lays long and leaning along the incline leaving up

From the wet and reaching to the end where her soft

Hands feel for any moment, any murmur on the line.

Lithe and small she stands and waits while the sun

Finally lost behind the edge of the day and the earth

And then gives way to early stars and a rising moon on time.

Silent air surrounds her and she might think her steady breath

Is heard by all the world, for it alone is all she hears.

Changing feet for comfort she shifts her weight and waits for not one

Moment in time, her destination is her journey and for

The time being, being timeless is what matters and that moonlight

Fills her hands and tomorrow she can exchange it for some sun.

Grant Fenton 31 May 2011


Image source: Pinterest

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