Catching the train

Shall I catch the train, or will I let it catch me?

Shall I meet the first carriage, or will I swim out to sea?

The day starts early enough I suppose,

And one cloud arrives as another one goes.

The afternoon’s night comes in way too soon,

And somehow the blue sky holds up the moon,

The neck-tie I brought to the playground is gone,

The light on the balcony is always left on.

Nothing I want for, and no place for a shrine,

But a life to make sense of will do just fine.

Never dive into the river of dreams,

For it flows very fast to the valley of screams,

There is cause to pause over late cappuccino,

Or catch the bus to the bridge from Melbourne casino.



If you or someone you know is struggling, in Australia contact Lifeline on 13114.
In the USA 1-800-273-8255
In Canada   follow the link and find a Crisis Centre
In the UK   0800 1808540
In other countries, Google “Suicide Prevention”.



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