Paint Splat

Paint splat

Cricket bat

Chased a man without a hat

Found a chair and there she sat.

Paint splat

Frozen cat

Ate too much and got real fat

Found a place down on the mat.

Paint splat

Boring chat

Rode a bike and the tyre was flat

Met a camel who turned and spat.

Paint splat

Charcoal rat

Put inside a whiskey vat

Perfect in that habitat.

Paint splat


Played a game of tit for tat

Thought he’d get away with that.

Paint splat


Eaten by a vampire bat

Followed by a feast of sprat.

Paint splat

Finished matte

Bitten by an evil gnat

Provided by his brother’s brat.

Paint splat

Man named Pat

Arrested in a coup d’etat

Scared so much he nearly shat.











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