The Girl Next Door

I can’t get over that guy” barked out from

Next door’s garden in the early night

“And how he went on and on and on

Certainly he’d be no white knight.

Came the song of the girl next door.

Fucked off he did, as fuck off I said”.

Then laughs filled all the air outside

Where too many voices spoke too loud,

Too long, too much, too far, too wide,

Surrounding the girl next door.

Shouting and laughter and song and

Chatter and call and occasion to find

Occasion too tempting for me to rise

To the stair and stare and see behind

The temptation of a girl next door.

For all that she might offer to me

Is a lonely walk and a darkened road

That would neither bind me nor set me free,

But add burden to my heavy load

And I would add that girl next door.

So the lights went out on both sides

Of the fence and in the dark I waited

For a signal or a sign or an offer,

An offer for which my breath was baited.

And there I waited, for a girl next door.



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