The joy in the lane all died

I walked beneath all the leaves, all half-soaked from the rain,

Wintering all of my summer’s day and carrying my pain,

Me with my glass of wine and you with your hopes for life,

Me with my glass of wine and you with a broken knife,

Me with so many words to say and nothing understood,

You hearing the worst of it and not finding anything good.

It was just us two and everyone we know sailing across an unfortunate sea

Hopping on islands to weather it with not a care if it’s just you and me

Storms hit hard with the windows up, wet as the ocean and ruined inside

And nothing I tried could fix the broken things and the joy in the lane all died.

The house stands alone, hollow as a word, nothing but voices in my mind

Call me back to where I can’t go in search of things I can’t find

Time takes these things away and hides them in the years,

Only to have them washed away and found in pools of tears.

2 thoughts on “The joy in the lane all died

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    1. Thank you. It describes a real time in my life when I lived in a beautiful part of the world and experienced loss through the loss of love and the tragic death of a friend while at the same time leaving the beautiful place to live somewhere else.


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