Gorter Road

The quiet road lay out before me, and all around

The moonlit land drank the darkness like a thirsty child.

The ancient trees reached up from the blackening ground

And the quiet road lay silent, seeking mercy and mild.

Off in the distance, the sun glowed hot and then

On the horizon, it’s yellow light became red

Out there in the sunken sky, like yesterday again

And the moon rose from it’s gentle bed.


There while time was silent, long after and long before

Trees ran hands across the road to hold their shadowed leaves,

Beast and man passed underneath there to Herman’s Shore

And prayers were paid, thank God for all that he receives.


Through the sunlit leaves, a velvet butterfly swirl,

The sun passed across the golden yellow day into the horizon bled

Warm and generousĀ dusk laid upon the day like a love filled girl

And the moon rose from it’s gentle bed.



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